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Lower Seat

Allen Kelly

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When I bought my bike I didn’t want to rush into buying stuff just for the sake of having it, 30 to 40 years ago that’s what I was like all new shiny toys but now I’m a bit wiser. I was told about the lowering kit and the lower seat and thought I wanted to ride it for a while to make up my own mind as to what I should alter on it. I didn’t want to lose any of the ground clearance at all. While riding it around I found that to put my right foot down I just had to tilt my bum a bit sideways and I could flat foot. The left side is a different story. In Australia we have a lot of roads with left side camber to allow the rain to run off the road. So when putting the left foot down you have to stretch a bit more and it is toe only touching the ground. I purchased the lower seat and fitted it and that 20mm makes a huge difference, not only can I touch the road on both sides I can flat foot the right side without moving my bum and it is a lot easier to move the bike back while sitting on the bike. Looking at it, it's hard to see the difference but it is there. Cheers everyone.  



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Hi Whats the lower seat like for comfort? I'm assuming its the same material as the ordinary seat.


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It is comfortable in general?  it is comfortable after 100 Km?  For all days it is comfortable? For daily use is it comfortable?

Just comfortable as original?



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