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Up in some tough terrain


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Firstly, forgive me for the low res photos from my dubious phone. 

Today I went on a trip through some tight, steep bush (forest) tracks close to my home. It seems my work hours have been reduced due to this virus thingy and what better on such a lovely day of not working than to go riding instead? I went up some very steep tracks and kinda, well, dropped the bike. I couldn't keep momentum with all the rocks and the bike is rather heavy when it falls! No real damage done, took me a lot of time to get the bike turned around and then back down to easier ground but I managed it with no further falling over! I was absolutely buggered though, and the remainder of the riding today was more relaxed! Anyways, here are some sh!tty pics of the bike in the bush after I stacked and got it upright, and a couple when I got back down to easier ground. 






I need to get a better phone asap so you lot can see how nice some of the country is here, and how our new Yamaha likes to play! 

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yep ive dropped mine twice at under 5klmh, with short legs its hard to keep it upright when it starts to lean. I see you got the fast red model. the best colour I recon.

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Good that Covid-19 virus is not airborne so (even if self isolating) self isolated riding can still be done (24th March update) to the shops!

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