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Tenere 700 vs. BMW F850GS


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Hi everyone. Few month ago my MT-07(FZ-07 in north america) got stolen. I had it for 3 years , and I came to a conclusion that I do not especially like "sport riding". So I thinking of getting new adevture/touring bike. I have narrowed my selection to BMW F850GS and yamaha tenere 700. I am intending to get explorer pack form Yamaha. For BMW I thinking of getting electronic suspension option and center stand. With theese confgurations price is nearly the same.
I used to drive every day to work (not via direct city center, but some line splitting happend every day) - the bike was my main way of commute. Beside this I also went form some short to medium distance trips(alone and with passanger, but riding MT-07 in 2 is... well not comfortable).

Yamaha seems to be much simpler bike (so meintenace will be easier/cheaper) that can provide as much fun and possibilites as BMW, but I am slighlty attracted by electornic sytmes offered by BMW, but I really don't know if this will electronic extras will make a huge differnece after all (besides MT-07 I have riden only old suzuki gladius).
Also how is with riding Tenere with passanger?

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How tall are you? Both these bikes are much taller, and bigger than your MT07. You will need long legs, or be good at handling bikes at low speed, preferably both. Do you plan on any off road riding? The reason I bought the T7 was so that I could explore some rough terrain off road, as well as do big rides on road. I live in Australia where we have plenty of both. If I was just road riding I would have bought something else that wasn't as tall and maybe something more comfortable. I think the Yamaha would be better off road (it is lighter) but the BMW would be nicer on the road, especially touring (it has more power) though I have never ridden one. You really need to test ride these bikes to see, or even sitting on one might tell you they are too big for you?


Good luck.



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It depends what you plan to use the bike for the majority of the time. The Yamaha is a nice bike as stated if you plan on road and off road riding. If you plan on only being on the road though, I could suggest a 1000 bikes that would be far better for it. The Yamaha is a cheap do it all kind of bike. But what I’m finding is because of that it’s not particularly great in either area.  Off road it’s heavy and restrictive, on road it hasn’t got a lot of power. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun bike, cheap to maintain, and you can do just about anything on it. 

The answer to your question lies in how you plan to use the bike. Then make a decision


*also test ride both if possible 

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Thanks for advice. I will definitely go out and test ride both bikes, just this corona virus situation have to get under control (in Poland we have kind off lock down now). 

I am 182cm tall so I think that I will fit those bikes. I was thinking of riding on TET like roads (and taking TET it self).

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