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They called it paradise


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Off an old eagles song.

Tell me where is yours?

”you call some place  paradise ,kiss it good by” 

Mine is sacrosanct, turn 2 Mosport,  Canadian tire motorsports park.

 You come out of turn one, this isn’t some mamby pamby kiss 😘 your ass track.

Catch a knee puck in there.. forget about it.

Up the hill full on the gas .

  You are almost there!

2/3rd to the outside coming over the crest.

 For me it was a fun,terrifying moment while waiting to see if front would  hook up.

Back on the gas with the Sv650, not so much with the 636, and less still on the 990.

   Stopped pushing early .

Saw a bad get off.

  Nothing compares to getting it right!

Half way down the hill your line puts you next to the curve.

Apex falls away and you drive towards  the bottom of the  hill and the inside line comes  back to you.

F**k  3 go in tight. It opens on the exit.

4 starts the rollercoaster.

  I take a breath and regrouped in Moss’s

Andrettiti  straight is anything but. 

    where do you like to play ?

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Its been a long time since I've been to a track, 
But my first ones were at MoSport on the rider development track, very fun track.
Cayuga was another good track, much closer to home too.
But life took its own turns, its been decades since I've turned a wheel at the track.

I'm actually working on putting an old R6 together to give it a go, and see I still like that kind of fun? 

I am not sure if its foolish try try after all this time, but maybe I should finish that R6 and try? 



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I am hoping to burn up my stock tires this summer at Mosport if things start to clear up here.

Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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My first and only serious get-off was on the short track, a friend of mine and I had contact, he was on his frz600 and I was on my tls, tried to save the bike and held on (bad idea) things went from bad to worse, and I remember seeing red-gree-blue-red-green-blue, (red was the bike, green was the grass, blue was the sky, all spinning by) 
The damage was not bad to the bike, actually got it back on the track later that day, but my left ankle was quite beat up, I remember a sharp pain as the bike pinned the leg to the ground and I got peeled off.  

I also drove home that day, it was an old Chevy S15 with crappy brakes.  My left leg was so sore I had to double foot the brake pedal to get the truck to stop (my buddy was too shook up to drive, but he did not go down!).  I hopped around on one leg for a month, too young and dumb to have it looked at lol. 


Never been to Calabogie, heard of it, but never went.  
My fzr buddy got himself a SV650, and I later had an R1 that I did track days on.  
MoSport, Cayuga mainly (it was closest) and Grattan in Michigan (my buddy is from the US) 


All this was in the early 2000s too, maybe we saw eachother at some pont!
We had a small crew that would meet up at the track, don't remember their names any more....
There was one guy on a old FZR600 (he later got an R6) he was very fast, he'd lap us slow-pokes on our new machines, and he only had one eye!  we did not know until one night before the track day, we were camping out at the track, he got drunk and lost his eye, we helped him find it...   thats how we found out he had one eye.... how he was that good on an old bike, with no depth perception, I'll never know 😉  it just tells ya, it 90% rider!


I've had this R6 sitting in pieces in my garage for 2 years now....  bought it to do a track day....  

I agree, once all this silliness out there ends, things to back to normal, I'll have to try it again... 
There is another project that is taking up most of my time however, it takes precedence for now, but once its done, it will have wings!
And, ofcourse there is the T7 that will arrive.... hopefully this year.....  but honestly, with everything going on, I'm in no hurry.





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Are there any other organizations doing days?

Sandy still running Pro6?
Ducati club?

  Taz ,

My passport expired in 2015.

Got the new driver license last year so I should be good to slip over the boarder this summer.

  If We dont meet at the track lets take the T7s and do some exploring.

   I can bring beer 🍺 if you feed the skeeters.


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I think it is just Riders Choice and Pro 6 Cycle doing the motorcycle events there. Others may be too, but they are unlisted on the official website or may be private etc. I am hoping to get the Tenere out there during the Aug 10-12 stretch with Pro 6, and am too new to the scene to know if Sandy is still a thing or not. Keep me in the loop if you find yourself on this side of the border, and I will do the same. I have been eyeing up the North Eastern Backroads Discovery Route, and am keen to check out at least part of it summer 2021. 

Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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