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Hello all.  New to the Tenere but not new to bikes.  Currently have a K1600 and a DR650 in the garage.  Prepping to do the TAT next year and will be figuring out whether I do it with the DR or the T7.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom.  

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Hi @Oldmanonabike ! As you're on a Ténéré Forum, it's a bit of a no-brainer which bike to take...

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Lol.  Thank you.  I should have worded that a bit differently.   I have started my tweaking on the T7.  Engine guard and rear rack installed.   I ordered lowering bars for it.  I hate to do that but I’m 5’5” with a 30” inseam and while I do fine on the road, I know I’ll find spots Offroad where I would really be ticked that I can’t touch more of my foot down.  But I am loving the bike so far.    

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Oh that's no problem either. The T7 ist a bit like those well trained camels: when she realises you can't reach the ground, she carefully lays to one side so you can get off easily 😆 tried out for you, it works

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Take it out and gently lay it down then practice picking it up again.

My worst was a stationary drop down slope. 

Definitely a 2 man lift

I have done a few multi-day rides ( up to 9 ) here in Oz and the T7 is great.

Alcohol! No good story starts with a salad.

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