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Modify On/Off aux light harnes to off/high/low


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Heya, my aux lights has 3 wires (negative/positive/positive) for the high/low beam, I've bought this harness at the local store, there was no other available around.

Movglow LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit 2 Leads 12V On Off Switch Power Relay Blade Fuse for Off Road Lights LED Work Light with Waterproof Switch : Amazon.ca: Automotive

 Well not the same brand but it looks identical. I also have a 0/1/2 handlebar switch so I guess I won't be able to switch between high or low with my current harness. I was wondering what I should do to modify the harness to work with my need and keep it simple? I've never really worked with relay so it seems a bit confusing. Although my relay doesn't have a 87a output, so I'm guessing I'll need to get one of those? Thanks!

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The Tenere 700 uses inverted high beam polarity (many oem LED headlights use voltage drop to activate the high beam portion of the headlight)...some attempting DYI installation have damaged their ecu by incorrectly wiring auxiliary lighting, switches & relays following conventional norms...if you are unaware of the nuances of the circuitry used on your bike or the task is overly daunting seek professional advice/installation....mistakes can be costly! I used the appropriate Skene controller (IQ-274-X) for bikes with LED headlights that uses the oem high/low switch & has programable output the for low setting from 0 to 100% in 10 % increments becoming 100% with the high beam switch. 


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There are 2 each oem switched 3 wire (10 amp - 1 ground, 2 switched power) & oem switched 2 wire (2 amp - the left side is wired to the oem accessory outlet circuit) connectors for auxiliary lighting, heated grips or other electrical accessories located behind each of the Tenere 700 front body panels. Prewired power harnesses, splitters or individual connectors to match the 3 position oem Sumitomo .090 waterproof MT style connectors or the 2 position .090 unsealed MT connectors for 16 to 20 AWG sized wire can be sourced online from several retailers like Eastern Beaverebay & AliExpress. A splitter kit will allow for simplified connection & trouble shooting of auxiliary lights & controllers.


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To add to what @prowlnS10 posted, Cyclops makes a number of different Skene controllers that can be used. They are quite helpful if you give them a call at (253) 277-0408.

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