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Allen Kelly

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Perfectly summed up!  Totally agree.  I was completely happy with my T7 when I got her,  and I'm sure she would be fine in stock form,  but it's a big part of owning the bike for me to make it 'mine'.  

Cheers,  Steve 

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Yup Allen, mine's run in now, and I agree with your thoughts on the bike. Great on open roads and really nice, and fun on off road tracks. I find it limiting on rough stuff due to a few things, it's tall, heavy, has a high 1st gear and the tyres just don't cut it in the soft stuff like knobbies but it's only an issue in soft and/or real tough terrain, and I am too used to my little DT200 which I could take just about anywhere.


Lovely bike and i'm really looking forward to the time when we all can go on long trips again, and go camping and stuff like that. Perfect bike for that sort of stuff if you ask me.

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