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Anti Bobble Head

Stephen H

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After my fail in fitting the handguards I moved on to fitting the Anti Bobble Head which went really well. If you have sausage fingers like mine it’s tight but still doable. 
I watched the video which shows all the fixings on both sides being removed before installation. I decided to remove only the fixings from the side I was installing. This ensured that nothing moved and it all went back together no problem. I got these from Rugged Roads and I think I was one of the first to get a set as they had just got them in stock. I can recommend Rugged Roads and the delivery was fast. 




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This is an interesting idea, 
However with out having my T7 actually here, I can't quite visualize it.  
As I understand the instrument cluster, and the headlights themselves tend to wobble around too much?  (I've read this on several reviews and forum posts)

How does this mod fix this? 

Also, the headlights and instrument cluster, are probably mounted on some kind of rubber grommets, would padding these grommets fix this issue? 
This anti-bobble-head mod, does it allow for any instrument cluster and headlight movement?  as I understand it, some movement there is needed to absorb some shock, or there could be cracking in the plastic?  so if this mod is ridgid, would it not damage something over time? 


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I haven't been out on the bike yet so I don't really know how stable the whole cluster will be. Those bars give rigidity to the whole cluster and in my mind it will help but I need to put the sat nav on the top bar and take it for a ride. Previously the sat nav and clock did move quite a lot.All the fixings I removed to install the Bobble Head were into rubber mounts so hopefully they will still do there job to some degree. I personally don't think there will be any cracking to the plastics but I will keep my eye on it and if this does start to happen then ive always the option to remove the Bobble Head.

Has anyone else fitted these and got a view as to how they perform on the road/trails

Cheers Steve

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