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How did you get your T7, here’s how I got my Tenere 700

Noel McCutcheon

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Ok some guys may wish to stick very small pins in to a small doll size puppet of me after this...


Here goes. The Background to UK T7 discounted price pre-orders was pre-ordering opened up at some point in 2017 and the initial quota of numbers of bikes available to pre-order sold out almost right away in 2017 and all available discounted price bikes were fully allocated by 2018 and after that you had no chance of getting a first batch discounted priced bike. So with the delivery dates have been predicted as Summer (July August) of 2019 it meant a between around an 18 month to almost 2 years wait for some.


Well here is were it differs for me in that I did not pre-order a bike in 2017 or 2018 or at all. How come you say.

Well I didn’t need or want a Tenere 700 (at that 2017/18 stage) as: A) my 650 single runaround / run-about Aprilia was still going great and b) I was thinking of a KTM 690 Enduro to replace the Aprilia when it either died or become too under reliable as second bike to MT-10.

So come August 2019 when the first / pre-ordered T7’s arrived in the UK and by coincidence that week my Pegaso’s head gasket went pop, so after I fixed the Pegaso. And I just popped in to Yamaha dealer to have look and see T7 in the flesh and hopefully sit on any Tenere 700 that had come in for the pre-order customers. I also now knew that the KTM 690 Enduro R was far too tall for me from sitting on a 690 earlier on during that day. Well the T7 was not as tall but I thought it might still be on the too tall scale, then the dealer said to me the T7 next to the one i was on had the lower seat option fitted on it, so leg over it and thought yeah better.

Dealer said that that Blue (low-seat) bike was for sale as the guy who had pre-ordered it in back in 2017 came up when it came in and said that it was too tall for him; hence they brought in a low seat for it to see if that helped complete the sale, but alas it was still too tall for him and his confidence wasn’t there with it. So the blue bike was up available for sale, but I said nah; thought as I’d just fixed up my old 1995 Aprilia 650 and it was going great.


Well just 2 days later the head gasket went pop on the Aprilia again. I then reckoned that the head must be warped on it that that meant the Pegaso 650 was now firmly in that too unreliable category. So I jumped in the car drove up to the dealer and walked in and told the sales guy to put a sold sign back on to the blue Tenere 700 for me at the best possible original discounted price and speed and I’d take it in the next few days. The sales-guy in 33 years it was his fastest sale ever. So 3 days later I had the T7 and a day later i was on a boat over to Scotland with the Tenere 700 to visit a friend, and that is it.

So it was all way less that a week of waiting for me. So I sympathise with those you waited and are waiting ages, I could not wait that long for something. Kind of lucky I am and I tend to live life in the moment me. Now I hope there are no pins being pushed anywhere / not necessary. Enjoy your bike, wait was or will be worth it.

How did you get / or how are you getting your T7 / Tenere 700 ?


Best wishes.


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Ace ! Someone has to be lucky !


I already told my story when I registered to the forum. I am one of those who waited a bit longer. I preordered as soon as it was possible and waited ... for a long time. But as already told, I think I was the first one to get it in Luxembourg. Through a dealer in Belgium. 

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Well I was after a reliable bike and close to supermoto ergonomics... Minutes away of signing a deal with the husky 701 when the yamaha dealer in Grays called and let me know I can test ride one. So I said nothing to loose go for it although I had second thoughts about the 21 inch wheel. 

This was in September, after 1h in the saddle i was amazed at how the engine felt and how the bike was feeling even with 21 inch wheel. 

Traded in my Gs1200 adventure the next week and put a deposit down. 

28 of November I collected the bike. 

2400 miles later she looks like this. 

Happy as Larry 


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Good topic!


I'm into off-roading (green laning) and have had various off-road enduro bikes over the years and currently own a KTM 525EXC that is a keeper (had it for 14 years). I have supermoto wheels, big front brake, shortened shocks and forks as well as the full off road gear and I swap between them. Overall two bikes in one and the most fun I've had on a bike overall.


I also most recently owned a Tuono V4R APRC, remapped, Ohlins, lowered gearing, Austin racing - the full business. Totally awesome bike, but to get the most out of it you just had to ride it hard and it was just (too) addictive. Completely and utterly awesome, and the most amazingly capable bike but not practical. Also ran boiling hot around town, 80 miles to reserve if I was lucky etc. So it had to go. 


The T7 fits between the KTM and the Aprilia for me. I can, have and will further off-road on it and also use it for long trips like the one I had to the Pyrenees last year with the great combo of off and on road. It hasn't disappointed me anywhere and I've personalised it with suspension changes, exhaust, raised the forks 10mm to quicken the steering, Rally seat etc. The engine is an absolute peach and doesn't leave me wanting especially in that instant pull in the low to mid-range. It's also getting even better with mileage. I've had the tyres to the edges in the Pyrenees, rode it hard, but also had some enjoyable steadier rides too.


It's less likely to lunch the valves and the gearbox versus the Aprilia (although, mine was faultless to be fair).


Lots of adventures to be had and a great feeling that you can actually ride anywhere on it. Both on and off road. It really is an awesome bike and deserves the positive reviews it gets.



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