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Hello from Germany


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iam David from germany. iam close to 35 years old.


i drive since about maybe 25 years bikes.


i have buy this year a t700 and get her this week. know i have over 600km,


because of the first inspection.


in the garage are a


2002 KTM LC 4 640 ( 660 Upgrade with Sommer Racing hardware, looks like a touring SM today 😄) from 2006 till now


1998 Vespa PX 200 ( not stock 🙂 ) from 2012 till now


2014 KTM Super Duke 1290 R ( not oem too 🙂 ) from 2014 - 2017/2018 sold


sold end of 2017 because of quality issues. I dont think that ktm make good bikes. People buy the name, but the important


things are left behind.


it was a very funny bike and time with it. 160km/h Powerwheelies over 200 km/h and so on no Problem.


big powerslides, drifts too.


Full arrow, PC5 and KME mapping. this is how this bike have to come stock. maybe if the quality was good, i would drive


my dreambike till today.


but every year a new speedo, taillight and control unit for bc....


i have buy a ktm extra insurance and could pay anyway extra too... 500-1000 € for this stuff... no comment.


never change my speedo on my 2002 KTM haha 😄, only many speedometer waves and license plates XD


anyway, parts are on the way from england for the t700


on wednesday i go for first inspection and she will become a akra.


will look to update the changes and the experience which i make with the t700.


maybe i will upload it on youtube too.




have a nice weekend.


kind regards David






DSC_0317 klein.jpg


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thx for the nice welcome here.


like i have read a bit, i see that in this forum, people try more to help each other, instead of


profiling with stuff, and change experiences with each other. i like this.





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