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As the T7's are slowly becoming more common, it's nice to meet a fellow owner every now and then.


I spotted a blue T7 last Saturday (18th of April) in Deventer, The Netherlands on the road next to the river coming into town. Curious if that was a fellow forum member.

Unfortunately I was on my Griso, otherwise I'm sure the wave would have been more enthusiastic both ways ;-).

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One of my trips was close to Deventer, but that was a week before the 18th.. And on a Red/white T7 🙂


In my vicinity I have not encountered other T7's yet (Uden, close to Eindhoven). But my waving would also be more enthusiastic then normal.. 

I'm trying to get used to gravel/sand and planning to try a part of the T.E.T. soon! 

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I work (or before CV19 I worked) at a country pub where bikes tend to congregate on nice days. I have talked to many a rider, no matter their ride, in the time that I had worked there. Whilst saving for, but in time realizing I wasn't going to be able to afford a T7 I thought to myself, "one day I will see a T7 here and it ain't going to feel good. 

Funny how things work out. Some family money came my way and I got my own T7! Funnier thing is that the exact day I went to buy my T7, that morning there was one out front of the hotel. I was leaving work to go buy the bike and I had to talk to the owner of this one out front before I left. His was going in for it's first service. So I finally saw a T7 at work but had paid for one myself the same day.

Apart from the shop demo I haven't seen another, though any bike spotting these days is a marvel. 

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Just spotted a Colorado plate here in Riga old town.


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I just must have the right mates...

Although one of them has labelled this picture.....The Road, The Rat and The Rally...

Mine is the black one and i'm not great on cleaning.


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