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Hallo from the flanders / Belgium


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Hello from the  flanders in belgium (where they speak dutch )

my name is Pascal and i bought a new T7 ( a blue )

yesterday i got my license plate and papers or my bike

next Tuesday i am going to the dealer and will drive it home

Thanks to the covid 19 i can't drive all day long  (   damn  !! )

i have a question 

i need to buy a new helmet 

are there any suggestions ?

pro and con ?







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Welcome to the forum,  great choice of bike!  I'm an Arai Tour X fan myself,  iv'e found it to be an excellent all round helmet.  Cheers,  Steve 

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Welcome. ^ Agree Arai Tour-X4 is supreme helmet.

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👋🏼Welcome. I’m looking for a new helmet too. Arai Tour-x4 or Shoei Hornet ADV are my favourites. But they are very long at the market so far. Could be possible that there will be new models this year...

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Hi Pascal, welcome.

Just bought an Arai Tour-X4 myself, in just plain white (as this was £100 cheaper than the fancy colours). Seems like a decent helmet, but I don’t have much to compare it with.

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Hi Pascal and welcome to the forum

I'm in the Arai Tour-X4 camp as well superb helmet and very quiet.

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I got a Shoei Gt air II, I decided against an adventure helmet as I figured a peak was more trouble than it would be helpful. I have a MX helmet for tight hot riding. The Shoei is rather quiet and light but would get hot for trail riding on warmer days.


Welcome to the forum.

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