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Ride around the Lake


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 I don’t know when Yamaha will get around to importing the The T7 to North America.

Today was the nicest it’s been around here in weeks.

Took the Wethead on a quick 100 mile run around Cayuga Lake here in central NY.

The boat launch here in Union Springs was deserted. (Reminded me of an old movie, “On the beach”)

   Started to get depressed so it was time to roll north .

Around the north end of the Lake to Rt  89 and down the west side past all the closed Wineries.

No corners for fun but the view is amazing.

  Swing out wide to miss Ithaca and pick up Rt.327 in Enfield for a fun trip down the twists to the valley.

Sand Bank road up the South side of valley and around Brooktondale , through Freeville and on back to the car wash in Groton.

   Any of you perps   get over this way give me call . The riding is not as exciting as a run to the Catskills or down to the hill country in Pa.

We can send the wives on  the wine tour and make A run for it!


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Always! I just got a Barrett pipe this morning and fitted it. Ride around my farm, without helmet and it sure sounds nice! I have plenty of bush tracks where I live and can go riding any time I like, except when i'm home alone with my girls, which is most of the time!!




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....and how many riders suffer serious injuries on non essential journeys when there is no pandemic?

Maybe we should just ban all non essential travel?

   Wouldn’t it be great if the government could tell everyone when to take a shet too?



Everyone has the right to chose their own means of distruction



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