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Hello from Portugal


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Hello friends,


My name is Marcio, 39, license 5 months ago and this was my choice, purchased in July, arrived in October, white competition colour. Before purchase I was reading feedback from others, nice motor, smooth to ride but in fact we need to take care about two situations, his gravitational centering is high so handle at low speed or starting is kindy tricky for ppl without experience like me and most important, mainly in wet reduce from 4 to bellow it locks the rear wheel so much that in corner we need to take very carefull, do you share the same opinion?


Beside that, riding the bike is fantastic, starting off-road slowly and continue to learn day by day. 


I will count on you


Cheers or like we say in Portuguese 


Um abraço

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👋🏼Welcome. If I get you right you have problems while downshifting in wet conditions. So always keep in mind to handle clutch slowly and go with lower rpm at wet surface. 

Viele Grüße 


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I have do only 120 km...before covid-19 but in past i had drive only maxi enduro bikes... and T7 for me is a bicycle! 

I can't wait to drive off road!


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Hi and welcome to the board.


i have drive on saturday trough very extreme rain, all bikers have hide under roofs and have search


for protection. me and my brother drive trought 😄 . i dont have recordnize in the rain, that the back would


break out.


but in the dry i have make a little drift in one corner( come from supermoto ) and the clearance i think


so far, is very high.


maybe you go for the suspension setting and play with it.


for more street control and tire feedback go a bit harder, but keep in mind, if you would go hard offroad, it will


be not as good to make it harder.


I will let change the complette suspension system this year by franz racing.


my brother has do it with his aprilia tuono and now in mai with his africa twin. its a completly other bike.


i let adjust many years before my first street legal bike when i got license.


Suzuki DRZ 400, and after this i have gain about 10-15 km/h more corner speed in lowspeed curves 🙂 .


i can always recommand good supsension setup, powerful / good brakes and neutral tires.


kind regards David

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Bem vindo Márcio!


I also only rode 200km as I got it 2 days before the covid lockdown.


I'm more curious about the bike handling off-road than in the rain but I'm curious to know other ppl experience... BTW I'm dying to try the wobbling LED lights at night 🙂



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Thanks guys for your welcomes, 


When I say rear wheel that locks, I mean you need to go at very low speed to down shift from 4th to 3rd and I'm noticing when I'm riding with dry road and if I go faster and I need to reduce, bike "brakes" not so smoothly


Could be my impression and still looking for the correct speed to lower shift more quiet



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