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Renders of the T7 in my race team colors :)


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So I race an FZ-07, and the prototype camo inspired livery on this bike represents the very nature of the project, as many new parts were developed from scratch to make our rendering a reality.


I have a deposit on the T7 in the Power Black color, and I thought it'd be a fun idea to see what the T7 would look like in my livery.


Here's the FZ-07 Racing Prototype:










And here some inspired ideas for the T7...













Let me know what you think 🙂


- Paul




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I can't decide!  I like 1, 3, and 5, with one probably being a real contender, since it's nice and subtle, and super easy to do.


The full camo wraps could look good, but they are a lot of work, which I'm not quite prepared to do again, LoL.


- Paul

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Do like the first one, it's subtle 🙂

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1, 3 , 7

1 if you like being subtle and 7 if you like the wild side.

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Hey Paul, I'm with @DuncMan on this one. 

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"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes - Mods - HDB handguards, Camel-ADV Gut guard, 1 finger clutch, The Fix pedal & Rally pipe, RR side/tail rack, RR 90nm spring & Headlight guard, Rally seat, OEM heated grips- stablemate Beta 520RS

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48 minutes ago, AZJW said:

Hey Paul, I'm with @DuncMan on this one. 

I think you'll really like the new one 🙂


I'm keeping it under wraps for now as it's only 90% done, haha.


I'm actually into the fab stage of the build at this point in time, so I haven't been able to finish up the rendering 100%



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