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Thailand delivery confirmed......


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Encouragement for everyone still waiting anywhere......my local dealer just called to confirm that a test bike will be in his shop on 30 April and my own bike will be ready for delivery on 07 May......

All in all only about a month later than expected when I placed my deposit.

Only blue bikes available in this first shipment (others to follow in July) but I don't mind, great news!




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that's good news!

btw, how much does it cost (include taxes, or other costs) in Thailand?

i heard it's THB 439,000.(without taxes, i guess)

cheers from Japan

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Thanks troxxos.

You're right, the dealer price is THB 439,000 which includes taxes, only your annual insurance and road duties on top of that.

While that is about 20% more than the UK price for example, it is not such a bad price by Thailand standards. Taxes on imported vehicles can be very high: e.g. a BMW 1250GS is about 2x the price it is in the UK, a Husqvarna 701 is about 1.8x the UK price.

An exception is smaller Honda bikes which I believe are made locally, e.g. a CRF250L is about 70% of the UK price.

A price to pay for the place you stay!

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Is that because Yamaha (i think) makes some products in Thailand. Trade agreements?

where as bmw and husq prob dont?

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