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Allen Kelly

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I had been working on my bike this morning doing a bit of maintenance and when finished I decided to scrub up and go for a ride. Before I did I checked my emails and I had a message from the forum so I decided to check it out. It was from Mungo a reasonably new member looking to buy a T700. As it turned out he lived very close to me and wanted information on the thing I have done to my bike. I rang him and invited him around and over a cuppa we discussed everything bikes including the things he wants to do to his T7 when he gets it. I didn’t go for a ride but the time I spent with Paul was in my opinion as good as a ride. Without this forum and all the tips we all have shared over a short period of time this hook up with Paul just wouldn’t have been possible and hopefully in the not too distant future I will have another riding mate to share the road with. Thanks everyone who has contributed because it is you who have made this happen. Keep at it and happy riding. Regards Allen.  

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Thanks very much for your time today Allen - great to catch up with you and to "pick your brains". There is nothing better than talking to someone  with the same interest and enthusiasm and in Allen's case his knowledge and experience on the T700. I took away a huge amount of information and advice that I will put into use very soon.  And also looking forward to riding Mount Sugarloaf with you mate.


Thanks to the rest of the contributors to this forum, I have learnt so much in preparation to purchasing my T700.  I have been "blown away" with the amount of outstanding information on this forum.  Also a quick thanks to Leon for his outstanding advice a few days ago.  Reading all the information on this forum has been a great "investment" of my "downtime" during Covid-19 time.


I look forward to contributing to this forum in the future.

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Bunch of passionate people gather together behind laptops, phones and keyboards sharing their views and ideas about a passion they share : engine between legs and two wheels. 🏍️😉🤩

I've learned a lot and hope to learn more and maybe one day meet some of you so we can put faces to names in person.

This is one of the best forums I've been on and hope that I can say the same for years to come. 



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