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MT? Had some of them already..


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Hello fellow Ténéré waiters!


Usually you buy a bike, then enter the forum. Or least, even if you join the forum before getting the bike, others own your dream  already.

Not so over here...!


So, make some space on your bench, pass me a beer, and let's spend the time waiting together.


Hi, my name is Olaf.


My MT passion started in May 2016 with the MT-09 Tracer, followed by the addition of an MT-07 just a month later. In 2017 I made the mistake to trade those two in for an MT-10 SP. I sold it this summer after just 2.00 Km on it - it was "too much!". (Shifting back to first gear at 80 Km/h..).

In Costa Rica, where I have a second home, I bought the MT-03 and really love it. Also the fact that you're already in 3rd gear when reaching 100 KM/h ?


Besides motorbikes I started paragliding about 3 years ago. My work: Self Employed with monkeytower internet agency - hence my nickname. Besides: Married for the 3rd time, yeah learning resistent. One great son (15 on Saturday), he's living in Malta...


@Cruizin motivated me to post a picture of my current bike.

Well, a bit difficult to name it down to one, so here's the lineup:



  • Suzuki DR-BIG (800 cc single cylinder..)
  • Honda VF750c (Oldtimer from 1985.. great sound, but has to go...)
  • Honda Dax (Skyteam replica, for the camper truck - has to go too... T7 will take that place!)


Costa Rica:

  • MT-03 fluo (my current favourite!)
  • Suzuki DR-BIG (yes, another one)
  • Honda ZRF230 (best for the beach)
  • HERO Karizma (rim bim bim..)


Beside the T7 I'm also eying at another MT-07. But it shall only be one of them...







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@NRWhiteKnight you might be right, I should keep it! 

I just bought it last month, thought a friend would like to help me turn it into something special, but he has no interest..

I love the engine and sound! Can't get used to the sitting position tho. But that could be changed.. 

Well, let's see... It's still here ?

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