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From Super Tenere to T7 initial thoughts


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First of all; it sucked to see the s10 disappear down the road with another rider.. She was a great bike that never missed a beat and served me well on black top as well as unpaved surfaces for almost four years.


Character engine/handling

Now to the T7, I have yet to name her; I've only done 200miles so far, but some features already stand out.

The first I noticed was how light and nimble it felt, and quick. I'm actually quite surprised by how well it pulls at all rpm's. Looking at the specs it shouldn't be so quick or pull as strong as it does, and it'll only get better as the engine will sort itself out.


The T7 is extremely easy to turn into corners and almost as easy to flick to the other side in a chicane. When first turned in it keeps the line and is stable without any effort, as effortless is to adjust the line mid-corner. I recognize this behavior from the s10, only that the T7 is like a featherweight agains a heavyweight in boxing.


Of course it doesn't pull like the s10, and I didn't expect it to. But I've got no qualms about it being capable for the long hauls on asphalt, allthough not quite as comfortable as the s10, miracles like that can't happen 😉

The wind/weather protection isn't as good as on the s10, and at half the width and half the wind deflectors it comes as no surprise.


Riding position/ergonomics

I'm 5"9' or 175cm and get a lot of wind noise when sitting down, but no buffeting. I'm  a little puzzled about that since I've always connected wind noise and buffeting, but hey; as long as my head don't dance all over the place I'm happy.

Seated position is great, as is the standing. To get that aggressive/dynamic standing position for attacking gravel roads and such a slight repositioning of the handlebar is needed (2 minute job). If you only stand to stretch your back or legs, don't bother adjusting the handlebar.

One thing that annoys me is the pin at the middle of the side stand. My heel catches it when I'm standing and flexes my ankel. Easy fix: angle grinder so shorten the pin 😎



The all time high popcorn thread just beaten by tire and oil discussions.

On the s10 I had full spec, tank bag (multiple actually) original alu panniers, original alu top box as well as a Givi commute box at twice the size of the yam alu box.

I've decided that I packed way to much on my trips, so going smaller and lighter is my new song. After hours of searching, reading and looking at reviews I found my setup.

I'll continue using my SW-Motech Evo micro as I don't need more space up front and it doesn't interfere when I'm standing. As for the rear, I'm going soft and have chosen the Giant Loop Coyote and a roll-top pack sack (already got a couple 60 liter bags). In addition I'll use an Enduristan XS base pack 6.5 liter to store my tools, tube and quick access needs.



I'm foregoing the crash bars on personal preference, I like the looks better without and it's the handlebars that takes the beating if I lose my footing.

I'm going to fit a new bash plate eventually as the OEM is too thin. Haven't decided on which yet, and might not decide until the american fabricators have developed some. I'll imagine it won't take long when the Canadians get their shipment.

I'm getting rid of the OEM handguards as they seem to break by looking at them, and wouldn't offer any protection for my hands or levers. I've ordered some Barkbusters keep my hands pretty 😉 

Head light protection is ordered.

I'll probably get some fork socks or other form of fork seal protection.



I've ordered the OEM center stand, just because I could get it in the loan from the bank, makes it way easier to get maintenance done as well as flats in the middle of the woods.

The OEM warm grips will also find its way on my bike. I chose the OEM cause of the looks.

I might get a rear luggage rack at some point, but as of now I don't think I need it.

I've switched from a dedicated GPS unit to only using my phone. GURU maps and Scenic (Scenic doing the all road navi with its option for twisties) are my go-to apps for navigation.

I've fitted the SP-connect mirror mount on the cross bar over the game-boy. Easy to see without taking my eyes too long off the road/trail.


I'll probably edit this as I get more miles on the T7.

As of now, I feel the T7 does all the s10 did and not really any poorer. Only thing I'd probably miss the s10 is long trips on tarmac with the missus (she can get her own license and bike, is my new decree). I hate long freeway hauls so all is good 😁


Cheers Thomas


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Very nice write up!  
Thanks for that!

I have only test ridden the S10, and liked it very much, did not think it was too heavy (low c-of-G), but ultimately did not get one at the time.  
I did get a VFR1200-X, which was too heavy, too tall, and dropped a few times.  Decided then, that a much smaller adv bike was the way to go. 


What is your take on the tubed rims/tires?  
I think, that is the only thing I very much dislike about the T7, and I plan on getting a tubeless conversion as soon as reasonable (once I have the bike)   I just don't fancy removing wheels, tires, tubes, patching, then re-assembly on the side of the road.  I'd much rather just plug and go.  
IF I crack/bend a rim (while on a trip), then I'll go through the procedure of sticking a tube in there.   
Even KTM uses tubeless rims/tires on all their ADV bikes (390, 790, 1090, 1190, 1290 etc) 

The new Africa Twin  has tubeless spoked rims, as sodes the S10.


I also agree with keeping the bike as light as possible luggage wise.  If/when you install the GL luggage on your bike, would you mind posting some photos and thougths on it? 



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2 minutes ago, Tazmool said:


What is your take on the tubed rims/tires?

If I was planning to ride mostly black top I’d go with a tubeless conversion.
As for riding dirt/trails etc it’s common to brush the side walls titanic style against rocks, so I don’t feel like making the conversion 🙂


I’ve also noticed that avid trail riders riding tubeless tend to buy stronger rims and fit tubes 😉


About the s10, I still love the bike 🙂

It’s good on all surfaces and got the grunt to bail out of situations or dig a deeper hole 😂

The big ‘but’ with the s10 is the weight and bulk. Pushing a 260kg bike around in the bush or sand without good foothold is a serious workout 😜



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