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Is Yamaha being left behind in Moto GP?


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Ducati and Honda V4s have won the last 22 MotoGP races, so is it time for Yamaha to ditch its faithful inline-four engine?




Rossi has done everything he can with a bike that has seemed to be underpowered against the others the last few seasons. Pisses me off, because Rossi is about the greatest rider in the history of Moto GP and he is wasting the end of his career on a bike that is slower than Ducati and Honda.


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finding that competitive edge in such "tightly" regulated series comes and goes... once you find that edge, how long till the others "notice" and who can "whine/protest(pay) enough to have rules tweaked", etc...


they need to move away from running 1 tyre brand, one software brand...otherwise everyone needs the same chassis/engine regardless of brand...


maybe Yamaha needs to have 2 engines to suit the needs of the track? its either you need a bike that handles or a bike that can do "stop n go"... rather than trying to find a compromise with one engine... 


i still recall rather recently in top lvls of NHRA racing one guy was smashing records because the rule book was "vague" about the angle of exhaust headers- they found his exhaust tips were pointed further rearward which created "thrust"... 

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