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T7 Ontario Updates, lets share what we know


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Greetings Everyone, 

I thought it would be a good idea to start an Ontario Only, T7 Delivery/Waiting Info/Update Thread.
Actual Ontario updates only, refrain from speculation, no fake news like "I heard from such and such that there are only -7 yellow color units delivered to Ontario, and zero black/white/blue ones", 
Ontario updates only please.
Just the Facts.

I'll Start,

Pre-Ordered my Black T7 December 3rd, I'm in SouthWestern Ontario, Dealer is in Hensall Ontario.
Received my Shad duffle bag and Yamaha invite letter May 15th
No news from the Dealer, no delivery dates or promises, no Vin#, dealer appears to know nothing.


Your Turn!


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I believe everyone that received a bag will get a call this week with VIN # and total amount owing based on options.  Each dealer has a process and based on other models that are going out the door because guess what - a lot of new motorcycles are being prepped for their new owners because it is spring and people want to get out of Dodge.  : )


Being patient is difficult but being from a climate in the North I know every year the wait of the first ride in the spring.




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It is in... for real...


It came in this morning at Trailside Sports in Espanola ON. I live in Timmins and am heading down in the morning. Rear rack, foot pegs, rally seat, heated grips. I won an ACD Racing black skid plate in Dec from a Facebook contest. That is in a UPS van somewhere at the border.




My New Bike.jpg




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James 2021 Tenere 700 - Black

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I preordered on Oct 8 from Snow City in Toronto, black. No word yet, but I was told end of May or early June. Got my Shad pack and letter from Yamaha

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Add info



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Congrats GPSAT!  
Hopefully as I type this, you are taking delivery of your new T7!  
Let us know if the T7 is worth the wait!

Cruizin, thanks for the update, I was wondering why the tag was not showing up. 

I got the memo and will make sure to use the new cover letter on my TPS reports 😉


Anyone else get the good news yet? 

My update:

Just living vicariously through others!



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Just got a call from my dealer here in Toronto, the bikes are at the dealer in crates, he will let me know a VIN# and all soon, hopefully one of mine is there 🙂 - he said they are short staffed and need a few days to sort them out. 

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I got a call from my dealer,

They have an invoice and a vin# for me, the bike should be there Monday!





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