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setting sag without help from others


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right, ive been pondering for a while and yes it hurts, on how to set my sag without the help from others. mainly because my other half is tape rule averse and i got the"if your going to be like that,do it yourself". i consider that a challenge.

i found a length of wood,slim architrave is good, and afixed it to spring clip, i found in my shed , at the axle. with the body work marked the settings can be read off by the use of a mirror.a bathroom mirror is good , it has two mirror types which help reading from distance. i marked the wood with the base full extended sag ,then marked off 20mm and 60mm from that point. i have a 95nm spring and to get the 60mm rider only in gear i have 9 clicks in from full out.........i think im a bit heavier than i thought !.....all i have to do now is load it up with all my going away kit and repeat.







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I do mine a similar way but I just drill a hole in the timber strip, put a bolt through it that is a tight fit in the axle and tighten with a nut. I mark my rear guard with tape and texta, mark the correct measurements on the stick then set up my phone to record the measurements while i'm sitting on it in my normal riding position. I place the bike next to a vertical object like my hoist so I can balance the bike by placing my elbow or handle bar end against it without affecting the weight on the bike. I beep the horn when everything is right, that way when I check my phone recording I know at what time I was set up correctly. Yes I know my technique is a bit over the top, but I like doing things right.

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i tried using my laptop camera,i dont have a dumb phone, but i couldnt get a clear enough picture. i added all my gear and have to wind up to max but at least i have confidence its as near as damn it. my compression and rebound are rebound 4 out from full in and comp 12 out. for me it now seems very smooth over road bumps. the 95 spring appears to rebound quicker than the standard spring thus requiring more damping.

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