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Leatt neck brace


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I wrote a blog a while back (2015)when I first started wearing a Leatt neck brace.


Hi everyone, Here are two videos Elsa and I found when we were doing research before I purchased the Leatt neck brace. Straight talk about Leatt Neck braces Episode 1...


since then, I’ve had close to 50,000 miles wearing them, (wore out the first one and on my second.. ) 

I don’t ride without it! It’s comfortable and really helps fight neck fatigue on long rides.

You will get looks when putting it on at a gas station or other public places, when asked what that is, my smart ass comment frequently is “Do you think a broken neck is going to stop me from riding?” 😳🙄😜
I then go on to explain that it’s so I don’t break my neck.... 

They aren’t cheap but can help prevent serious injury if need be.


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Wonderful. Last year I adopted using an air bag vest by Helite. I asked about using both the air bag vest and neck brace and was told not to mix. Just sharing.

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It’s that one piece I just can’t wear comfortably or get adjusted correctly. Also, it limits my ability to look over my shoulder when on the street. 😞 I wear armored pants, jacket, helmet, gloves, boots and knee braces nearly every ride but the neck brace I just can’t get sorted. If I’m riding off-road I’ll wear it but if I’m riding anywhere on the street I just haven’t been able to.

I have the Leatt GPX 5.5 brace and it mostly collects dust. 

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