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Cruizin's T7 build and records


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5/22/2020 Bike was preordered ,claim number 636301 .




Dealer texted me right after I poured a fresh hot cup of coffee. The text said "Your bike is here" with the below photo attached. Of course, I spilled my coffee all over and burned myself. So, i guess I just earned the first bike injury from my Tenere 700. 


Sitting in the crate at Snake River Yamaha.  





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Also 6/4/2020.  Put on 20 miles, revving up, engine braking down over and over to seat the rings on a trail close by old school style, lol.  Came home, drained the oil and changed filter. Found some normal metal shavings for 20 mile break in using this method.  Will change oil and filter again at 600 miles. 


Im a happy man. 


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6/16/2020 Mileage 623 miles. 


Changed oil and filter.with Yamalube 10/50 semi synthetic and Hiflo filter 204 RC. Took 2.75 quarts. 


Pulled sparkplugs, everything looked good and clean burning. No oil deposits on plugs.


Gonna check sync of throttle bodies later in the summer.




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Removed the EPA sound snorkel from Airbox cover, saved away for whoever buys this bike someday. Installed oiled MWR filter and this thang sounds way meatier mixed with that Wings system I installed couple weeks ago.  DB killer is in as I don’t like to broadcast my RPM’s to cops blocks ahead of me. 


ECU going to @2 Wheel DynoWorks in the AM.


I got the MWR filter from @BellissiMoto


I also want  to add a filter cover as the stock plastic is too flexible and no side screws. 


Putting these new Black dog CW pegs in this week along with bunch of other parts from Camel.

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