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Hi, new guy from Minnesota and waiting for the T7


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Hi All,


I just joined.  I usually do not do forums but I see great info on this site. 


I started the reservation process on May 22nd 11:00 AM CT but the system froze when I typed in my ‘state’ on the form.  After 4 attempts on 4 different devices and 20 minutes it ‘took’ and I received my reservation number.  My dealer actually called me to see if I had completed the process.  They had to reboot their system a couple of times.  They sold my Super Tenere last fall and my Versys last month on consignment so I had plenty of money in my account and they put the order in immediately.  Saturday June 13th, they sent me a text with a screen shot of my order from Yamaha saying the estimated ship date is the first half of July.  This is certainly better than August but I really was wishing for June.  Must have been a lot of people trying to get their order in at the same time.  The dealer has been really great but this whole process and 4 years of tease from Yamaha has been aggravating.  Thank god I have my FJ-09 and my DR 650 to keep me on the road/trails.  I did the preorder on my Super Tenere when it first came out.  The earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and the bike that was supposed to be delivered in May was postpone to November.  October (if we are lucky) is the end of the riding season here in Minnesota but It did show up in August and I was able to take it on a long trip on it.  I liked that bike but it was too porky for me to ride on trails so I used it more as a touring bike. I am getting older and am starting to like smaller bikes.  I was thinking, ‘Yamaha please hurry up or I may be too old to ride this thing’. 


I am really looking forward to this bike.  I had a KLR 650 from 2009 to 2017 that I really liked but had been wishing for an updated one with a twin Versys motor and more modern suspension.  The 700 Tenere is just that.  A simple bike with a great motor.  I have been buying parts for this phantom bike since February from Twisted Throttle and other vendors.  Panniers, engine crash bars, side case rack for the panniers, luggage rack, pelican top case, bar risers, GPS mount and GPS.  Can’t wait.  I got the parts just need the bike. 

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