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Christmas came early this year!   Picked up my first batch of accessories for the T7.  

I opted for the OEM crash bars, centre stand, rear rack and heated grips.

I also plan to do something about the wiring to the cigarette socket(don’t know the correct name for this one.)
I am getting my bike tomorrow, so my plan was to evaluate how easy these are to mount on the bike, and my personal thoughts on these products.


One thing i can say right away, is that the rear rack is heavy.  Had my eyes on the Adventure spec rear rack, and side pannier rack( looks very good on the pictures i have seen).  But my wife wouldn’t fit on the rear seat with that solution.  

So i decided to remain a married man, and get the OEM one. 

I will give you my opinion when it’s all mounted on the bike.  

Stay safe🙂


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Am interested to see how it goes! Also interested in the rear rack (that givi one?), but not as excited at the weight plus the way it sits slightly above the oem seat.

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1 hour ago, loneranger700 said:

Am interested to see how it goes! Also interested in the rear rack (that givi one?), but not as excited at the weight plus the way it sits slightly above the oem seat.

Hi Loneranger!

I’m currently testing the accessories up on the mountain roads, around my in-laws cabin.   But the weather took a turn for the worse on Sunday evening, so i haven’t had much saddle-time yet.


Installation was fairly easy.  Good instructions. All done in a evening.  (And no bolts missing!)


BUT so far i can say that i like the front crash bars,  not too bad when it comes to the weight.  But very sturdy.   I already used them for a low speed crash( approx 30kph).  And no dents in the bars, just minor paint scratches.

Would buy again.


The bash plate seemed ok.  Ok Weight.  I would like better coverage around the linkage and waterpump.  So i would shop around for a better alternative, if i were to buy one today.


Centre stand was heavy, with all the brackets and stuff.  Beefy stuff, but maybe check if some of the aftermarket ones are lighter before you decide.

Now the rear rack.  I think givi made this oem one. This for me was the compromise.   Very sturdy!  But the weight is considerable.   With that said, i didn’t think that i would like this rack.  But i actually do.  The handles combined with the crash bars sticks out a bit sideways. So when i crash, they will most likely protect my feet a bit. And i have good handles for picking up the bike, after a crash.  And with the stock tail light assembly the plate for the top box, don’t stick out as much as i feared.  All in all i think it looks ok.  But there are prettier and lighter alternatives.  The adventure spec rear rack and side rack are the best looking ones, in my opinion.
The only reason i went with this one, is that i ride with my wife as a pillion sometimes.  And the adventure spec one, took up too much pillion seat space.


So would i buy the rear rack again?   
As a solo rider, NO.

As a husband who just spend a fortune on a new bike, and still want a happy wife. YES.



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