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Write a great tech tip, get free premium membership.


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For a limited time, I'm offering a few lifetime premium memberships for some well written tech tips in our tech tip section. 


These are for step by step tech tips with instructions, pics for ea step and description of tools needed. A well lighted video in English would work too.


Be sure to write the title of the post accurately. If it's a t7 led blinker and relay install tech tip , then title your post DIY Tenere 700 led blinker install" or how to diy Tenere 700 led blinkers". So people can actually find it in search.


Premium membership allows you some perks, including unlimited pic hosting, unlimited amount of pics in each post, and a bunch of other cool settings that most other free members don't get. 


Soon, we will be offering premium memberships to everyone for $50 per year.

All proceeds go towards the costs of running this forum, software upgrades and some cool new features coming soon.


Tech tips are the lifeblood of any motorcycle forum. Simply posting a pic of something you Installed after the fact doesn't really help anyone. 


Many people want to learn how to work on their bikes themselves. And that is where forums are better than Facebook groups with just one page . 

Tech tips on this forum get shown in Google search results worldwide. That means that your tech tips will be seen by literally thousands of people around the world searching for your chosen topic , and for years and years to come.


Be a hero, and get rewarded by writing a tech tip with pics or video next time that you work on or install something on your bike, in English please. 


Forums are for sharing and learning. Can't have one without the other !


After posting your tech tip, send me a link via personal message and I'll be in touch !!



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I’m will do a couple of tech tips.  Fairly basic stuff, but mods that i like.

My wife and kid went to the cabin, so i’m getting to spend some quality time with my bike these days🙂

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