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BC Back country with 3 690s and a 701...

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Just returned from 6 days in the BC back country with 3 KTM 690's and a Husky 701. Riders ranged from a multiple Baja competitor to a back in the saddle after 22 years. My experience is upper middle of the pack. Did 2800 kms with about 1000 kms of pavement (to get to the good stuff) and the rest forestry trunk roads, forestry service roads, logging roads, quad trails and the occasional no-road breaking trail. Elevation ranges from 500m to 2200m. Trails included loose gravel, sand, water crossings (2-2.5' deep) large rocks and hard pack dirt. 



- Power delivery! Hands down - smooth and tractable. Excellent for loose rocks/gravel/sand climbs

- Clutch actuation (easily 1 finger)

- Riding position

- Handling at any speed. Loses it's weight REALLY quickly when doing slow steep climbs/descents

- Fuel mileage (consistently 8-11% better than all of them)

- Rear brakes (don't really like them on the road, but great in the dirt for modulation or sliding)

- Climbing ability

- Outex Tubeless system with TPMS

- Camel Footpegs

- Yamaha engine/fairing guard and Outback panier racks - no bike damage when it went over...

- Rally seat - 10+hours per day in the saddle, it was awesome.



- My tire selection - Should have had E-09's or similar, not E-07's

- Leaking Outex system (likely an installation issue on my part - will figure it out soon)

- Weight -If bike is 450lbs with fuel, and had 50lbs of tools/fuel/luggage - heavy to pick up when it fell over...


I was worried the 690/701 crowd were going to leave me for dead, but I went everywhere they did except one muddy climb that I attributed to tire selection (spun out). The trails we started on I could have taken my S-10 on, until day 3,4,5 where I wished I had my Wr450. Tight, rocky, off camber, steep quad trails. The Minnie T handled it without fuss, and I wasn't even beat up at the end of the day.


Great bike!


ANMP0009 small.jpg

ANMP0017 small.jpg

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