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Vtamb81’s build and records


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Bike received on 7/22/20 at 1 PM at Wayne’s Cycle in Waynesboro, VA. 0 miles on the odometer. 

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7/25/20. Decided to do an early oil change to remove break in metals from the oil at 100 miles. Changed oil (Yamalube 10W-40) and filter (Yamaha). Fine metal particles typical of engine break in were present. 


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7/30/20. Mods to date. 441 miles. 


- CamelADV skid plate

- CamelADV anti-bobble head

- CamelADV Tail Tidy

- Barkbusters Hand guards 

- Yamaha Aluminum radiator gaurd

- Yamaha chain gaurd
- T7Rally Sidestand switch delete/bypass plug
- T7Rally seat joining kit

- TripleClamp engine/water pump covers

- Rally Raid SS wheel spacers

- Justtech LED signal lights

- SAE connector to battery

- MZS shorty adjustable levers

- double take mirrors 


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600 mile service (less the oil change which I did myself) performed at Wayne’s Cycle on 8/13/20. Oil changed with HiFlo filter and Yamalube Semi-Synthetic 10w-50. 



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9/12/20. Additional mods to date. 1200 miles. 

- Rally Raid 90nm Linear rear spring

- Rally Raid nylon fork guard screws

- TPMS sensor in prep for tubeless conversion

- TechSpec snakeskin nonslip panels

- Outback Motortek rear tail rack







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9/23/20. Additional mods to date. 

Replaced the stock 5.9nm front springs with Hyperpro progressive springs (6-9nm). Upped oil weight to 10w from 5w. 

installed Yamaha heated grips




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12/11/12: additional mods to date. 2500 miles


- Adventure Spec Crash bars and side luggage racks. 
- Highway Dirt Bike top clamp with powerlet mount (for heated vest)

- IMS enduro Pegs






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3500 mile update:


- yamalube full synthetic oil/filter change

- dual usb/voltmeter replacement for 12v plug (hardwired)

- CamelADV high exhaust

- OUTEX tubeless conversion and balance

- Michelin Anakee Wilds 




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3/22/21 update:


- MWR foam filter

-MOB UP Design filter lid with prefilter

- 2WDW ECU flash


I need to stop! 🤣



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