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3M Tubeless conversion and internal TPMS

Alf Meister

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I’ve used the Outex tubeless conversion on an Africa Twin in the past, but decided to save a bit of cash this time and used 3M 4412N tape, 25mm front and 50mm rear, 2 layers, 1 to seal the spokes and 1 to act as a protector when changing tyres. I’ve also fitted a TPMS kit with the internal sensors, which negates the huge valve caps and seems to be very accurate. Did front and back and it cost me about £80 with the TPMS and 3M tape.

The only issue I had was due to me putting a secondary layer of tape, the TPMS valve holes got covered up when I did the valve lock nut up, I sorted this out by loosening the nut a few turns and adding another lock nut to lock the original one, so it wouldn’t come undone (outex kit has much thinner tape so probably wouldn’t be an issue). 

Fitting front tyre is also a bit tricky with the TPMS inside the rim, but with 2 pairs of hands and being careful, job was done without any issues. 

I’ve now done about 500 miles in just over a week since doing the conversion, zero leaks and valve hasn’t moved, can let air out and pump tyre up.

I mounted the TPMS gauge on a home made 2mm carbon bracket, next to the dash (self tapping screws into the dash plastic mount) and a Ti bolt and 2 Ti locking nuts I had lying about. It works very well and seems very accurate, I can read it easily, except for the tyre temps which are smaller (but thats just me and probably need glasses when I’ve got a tinted visor fitted to read numbers that small). 

Overall very happy with the result and cost, only negative is I dont think the TPMS gauge is waterproof (its supposed to be) as I know someone who had issues after washing his bike, it stopped working after a while and condensation can be seen inside the glass. He put it in the airing cupboard for a few days and its now working, but still has condensation inside the glass screen. (So will have to look into ways to make it waterproof). 

(Pics below are during a 182 mile loop, so tyre pressures are higher than normal due to hot tyres)





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I dont have a link as I can’t find it with the internal sensors, but got it from AliExpress. Wouldn’t like to recommend it either as it might not be reliable ref lack of waterproof ness. Buy with that in mind, as i heard buying from china is a PITA if it breaks. 


Just search CAREUD TPMS. 


A company in europe or the US needs to make one thats quality and Is reliable or has a good warrantee. 

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I have the same setup on mine, works great, very accurate with internal sensors. Downside, my display is faulty after only a very short time, and Aliexpress won’t replace, only a partial refund!


However, as I’m so pleased with the actual accuracy and able to monitor my tubeless conversion, I’ve decided to order another set, so I can replace the display unit. As they aren’t too expensive, I’ll take the risk and hope the first one was unlucky. 


As Alf Meister says, someone else needs to make a similar system, with internal sensors, with reliability and a good warranty. 

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Thanks for the write-up. I run the CAREUD External TPMS on my S-10 (for 5 years now) and now on my T7 (4 months) without display issues. Hopefully yours will be fine over time. Good luck.

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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Rolling the same unit with cap sensors. Temp indication seems a bit wacked at times but the important numbers seem accurate & reliable so far. For the price, not disappointed yet.


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I am also using the same type with external sensors on my Africa Twin.  Mine has been  waterproof for 4 years now. I just bought another one for the T7.

Tenere 700 / Africa Twin / Goldwing / Super Tenere / WR250R / GS1000S / GT750 / H2 750

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On 8/30/2020 at 1:10 PM, Alf Meister said:


Old post, but I was wondering how you mounted your unit to the side of the LED display?

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