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Skydmarx Custom 450 x 4 mm Windscreen + Powerbronze Side Deflectors


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Attn taller riders:  The custom made Skidmarx windscreen + the Powerbronze side deflectors completely transforms the riding experience, which is now a large, mostly calm still air pocket with dramatically reduced wind noise & turbulence...I now get to enjoy listening to that fabulous CP2 motor & the wine of the STR tires.  The shaping of the Skidmarx, which is wider than most other aftermarket windscreens provides a wider pocket of protection that allows side to side movement of my head & shoulders without the visor of my helmet or my shoulders catching the wind blast.  At 6' 1.5" ( 187 cm), with a long upper body & standard oem seat, I look over the windscreen & can ride with my helmet shield in the up position at hwy speeds.  The air blast just clears the top of my helmet, a taller person or higher seat like the Rally may need an adjustable upper lip like the MRA X-Creen to fine tune the height of the air flow above the helmet or an adjustable windscreen bracket.                                           
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Adjustable windscreen mounts are available via the aftermarket, however, optimal laminar flow via the opening at the bottom of the windscreen deteriorates as the opening size is increased (which can also allow some air/rain to the rider & upflow to the helmet) + the coverage of the sides of the windscreen is raised, lessening the effectiveness of coverage on your midsection.  Best overall effectiveness typically occurs with a windscreen of correct height mounted in the lowest position.                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The quality of the windscreen is very good...clear with no blemishes or running of the plexi material or noticeable distortion & polished rounded edges for an oem look & a bottom opening similar in shape/size to the oem windscreen to promote good laminar flow up the inside of the windscsreen.  9.5 out of 10...lost 1/2 mark because the shaping of the lower right edge does not follow the line of the side deflector/headlight perfectly, instead slightly curving outward near the bottom vs the same area on the left side which matches up better.




I added rubber spacers under the lower windscreen mount bolts to angle the top of the windscreen closer to the rider (less upright) & increase the gap at the bottom to improve laminar flow up the inside.  The shape & curvature of the Skydmarx windscreen restricts the amount of spacers that can be used because of the screen's proximity to the oem accessory bar mounts...offset the lower portion too much & it will make contact with the accessory bar mounts.  This mod was also effective on my 2014 Super Tenere, which could be applied to both the windsceen mount assembly & the windscreen.    The curvature does pick up some reflections, but is not bothersome (have not ridden at night yet).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Powerbronze side deflectors provide wider coverage than the oem deflectors improving air management of the spill over air around the front tower, side cowling & tank....but are 3 mm (vs 4 mm for the oem) thick with a lower quality finish than the oem or Skydmarx on the edge surfaces & unfortunately arrived with some shipping damage & defects that impacted fitment which I will cover further below.  I do not know if my issues were a one off or indicative of a design not fully mature because of the newness of the T700, but to Powerbronze's credit they refunded me all costs & told me to keep them as it would be too costly to return.




After discussing my results from testing cardboard mock-up windscreens of 350, 400 & 450 mm in height & similar shape as the Skydmarx windscreen I was surprised when Ian @ Skydmarx offered to make a custom windscreen to my specs....100 mm longer than their 350 mm regular offering for the T700 + 4 mm (which matches the oem windscreen & should help reduce flex & vibration inherent with the added height) vs their standard 3 mm thick, within 14 days.  Please contact Skydmarx direct for pricing & availability, if interested.  The 2nd pic below shows the oem windscreen vs the regular 350 mm Skydmarx windscreen...the shaping & additional width provide additional coverage for the upper arms, shoulders & head that most other aftermarket T700 windscreens do not as they seem to emulate the shape & width of the oem windscreen that provides a narrow pocket of coverage that would put my helmet, shoulder & arms in the wind path if I leaned slightly off-center.


UPDATE AFTER 330 KM:  It is so much more relaxing & less fatiguing with proper wind protection.  The bike is stable, at least up to 130 kph, (highest speed so far with this set up) & surprisingly very stable in cross winds, which is curious because the bike was more susceptible with the oem windscreen...perhaps because the bike is cutting a cleaner path that removes or minimizes me from the equation somewhat...previously it felt like the wind was predominantly catching me & my helmet, not the bike.  An issue with the T700 Rally bike design is that the windscreen is too far from the rider & too upright for optimal coverage...sitting closer to the windscreen ensures you are within the air pocket, while sitting at the back of the rider seat starts to get you in some of the eddies curling in behind you, not really an issue for the rider, but may be for the passenger...although, in my experience adding a passenger actually extends the rider air pocket a little...think slipstreaming with another vehicle.  Tucking in closer to the windscreen really demonstrates how much protection is provided & how calm it can be.


UPDATE #2 AFTER 600 KM:  Stable up to 160 kms with oem tires so far.  After 150 kms of off-road with some technical stuff I find it too tall for seated riding forcing me to look through the windscreen immediately in front of the tire...standing no problem.  The std 135mm height + a MRA Touring X-Creen or equivalent sized adjustable deflector that can be lowered when desired + provide improved cooling for the upper body might provide more options/flexibility during off-roading.  But would recommend the thicker 4 mm material vs oem 3 mm as it really holds up well during rougher off-roading & sustained high speeds. Optically it is good and the curvature does pick up some dash reflection at night, but not distracting.





Powerbronze Side Deflectors:  In an attempt to salvage their use &  make them fit better, minimize the upper gap of the left defector & eliminate the point of contact with the oem faring at the back edge I used a dremel to grind reliefs for the back section, reshape the lower inner leading edge & radiused the mounting  holes slightly...seemed to work reasonably well...to make the left deflector match the right would require heating the left enough to reshape its angle inward slightly.  Was able to adjust the oem handguards up enough to clear the side deflectors by bending the metal mount bracket up a little & rotating them on the bar end, despite having the levers adjusted down slightly from the oem position & having rotated my bar mounts 180 degrees which moves the bars slightly forward & up for more comfortable standing.  Aftermarket hand guards with their mounting independent of the lever assemblies will simplify adjustment for clearance.  The quality of the Powerbronze is below the oem or Skydmarx with some blemishes (perhaps caused during shipping as the package was damaged), running of the plexi & distortion, particularly around the complex curves & the edge finishing as previously mentioned.




OEM vs Skidmarx vs Powerbronze vs Givi Side Deflectors:  Currently, Skidmarx makes side deflectors that are similar in shaping, but narrower than the Powerbronze & Givi makes deflectors that provide even more coverage than the Powerbronze that utilize a more complex design that is not as aesthtetically pleasing imho, but may provide a wider, longer envelope for a passenger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I cut down my oem windscreen to reduce the buffeting & noise that it provided in the oem height....based on comments I've read, shorter riders, combined with several other factors, may not experience the same level of buffeting & noise with the oem windscreen or be able to tune the air flow enough via an adjustable spoiler or adjustable mount.  But many taller riders have found it more challenging to eliminate buffeting & noise, despite several aftermarket options, which currently top out at 400 mm max height.  I believe that the design & narrowness of the T700 contribute to this. So far, the combination of my custom Skydmarx windscreen & Powerbronze side deflectors on my T700 comes very close to duplicating the air management that I had on my 2014 S10 with Puig Tall Touring windscreen, MRA X-Creen adjustable spoiler & Powerbronze side deflectors.  Taller riders may only need an adjustable spoiler and/or adjustable windscreen mount..the shape & width of the Skydmarx provides a wider pocket of still air which benefits all rider sizes....which is important to less turbulent air flow in the rider/passenger pocket.





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Thanks for the post, I've ordered a windscreen like yours from Skidmax. Hopefully it will solve the wind noise issues. Tried so much else. My other option was to buy the biggest Givi screen but it is far to bulky.


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After 4 different screens i was getting desperate and ended up buying the GIVI and cut and re-shape the top (a dremel, a couple of hours and patience is all you need).The original shape was massive and shaked alot.  It's now briliant. No wind, no earplugs, no noise. Due to it's original shape, it works like a double bubble and the winglets are great. No body wind. Givi2.thumb.jpg.b9a51afa41f4aa66992718aba008da8e.jpgGivi1.thumb.jpg.eaeb2ed34dbc4ee9d719af866e6c9827.jpg

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10 hours ago, Osprio said:

After 4 different screens i was getting desperate and ended up buying the GIVI and cut and re-shape the top (a dremel, a couple of hours and patience is all you need).The original shape was massive and shaked alot.  It's now briliant. No wind, no earplugs, no noise. Due to it's original shape, it works like a double bubble and the winglets are great. No body wind. Givi2.thumb.jpg.b9a51afa41f4aa66992718aba008da8e.jpgGivi1.thumb.jpg.eaeb2ed34dbc4ee9d719af866e6c9827.jpg

Hi, been going thru the same dilemmas as you. After making various mock-ups taller and wider seemed to be the solution.  I got a Skidmarks screen which I was initially quite happy with but found it to be too tall, especially when dirty and riding with the sun on it - cut visibility. I cut it down and ruined it 😞 Can you please advise the length in the centre of your cut down screen. I might have another crack at it. Thanks.

Making James May look quick!

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From top to the middle tip at the bottom is 470 mm. The trick though is to round the top side corners so that you don’t get any buffeting. Please note, I am 1.74m and use a low seat. If you are taller or use the normal seat you might want to cut at 490-500mm

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