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Jeeves1275 Rally Edition Build


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Picked up bike on 8th August.

First service completed 27th August.

Hit 1000 miles 22nd September.


Mods so far:


  • T7 Rally Tail Tidy
  • T7 Rally Dash Screen Protector
  • T7 Rally Frame Bungs
  • T7 Rally Screen Adjuster Kit
  • Crosspro Crashbars (same as AdventureSpec)
  • Nylon Fork Protector Bolts (Already saved me!)
  • Removed Pillion Pegs and plugged
  • SW Motech Kobra handguards
  • GUB Mobile phone holder and USB charger
  • Powerbronze Headlight Protector
  • Semoic M3 TPMS
  • Yamaha Tank Pad
  • Yamaha Centre Stand



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On 9/26/2020 at 7:12 AM, Matth said:

Looks great dude.

your crashbars, what are your thoughts on quality etc as im looking at some also?

Sorry missed this, they are fine, fitted perfectly, seem fairly sturdy and still lightweight. Got a discount too so only cost me £175 delivered....


1st October 2020 - Have removed my centre stand and fitted lithium battery - weight 'saving' of almost 7kg!

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  • 3 weeks later...

22nd October 2020 - Joined the ebay lever club! Not 100% sure about them, clutch side feels a bit loose...

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21st November 2020 - Drilled out the exhaust to remove the baffle, inserted Akra Rubber Bung - sounds fruity 😉

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  • 4 months later...

18th May 2021 - Fitted GB Racing Engine and Water Pump Covers







20th May 2021 - Put on some new tyres (Bridgestone AX41s with Michelin Heavy Duty Tubes).....did it myself (first time) so bought myself some new tools....Motion Pro Bead Pro, Bead Buddy, valve core remover and rim protectors







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Had my seat reshaped and covered by Viking Motorcycle Seats near Brands Hatch.  Only had the ride home to test but already a massive comfort improvement.  Asked for it to be lowered a little too, can't feel that so much yet but the foam should give a little once it's broken in.










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June 2021 - Fitted KOSO heated grips; just couldn't bring myself to put the ugly Oxford controller on my bike so splashed on the fancy integrated KOSO grips, they look great, yet to try them out in the cold though.


Also fitted some Aliexpress bar end mirrors and removed stock ones. They remove some weight, less likely to smash in a drop and are dirt cheap.  Obviously not as good optically as the stock mirrors but they aren't bad, bit vibey though being on the bar ends like that, will see if I can live with them.  


Picked up a spoiler too for longer distance trips.

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July 2021 - Fitted Rally Raid Winglets (courtesy of @Renegade96 of this fine forum) Pretty sure they've made a difference alongside removing the mirrors for bar end ones seems to have smoothed out a lot of turbulence.

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