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Fork/axle protector


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Hey everyone,


given that several of us experienced the fragility of the fork protection plastics that shatter upon first contact with anything, here's a fairly cheap solution I recently installed:


It feels like a sturdy product but I have not tested it to the extent of actually hitting a rock with them. The ends are made of aluminum and the shaft is made of steel.


Significantly cheaper than some of the products available (for some reason it cost 13USD before and is now 20USD).


Thought someone may find this useful...

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Just got mine from Aliexpress. Dunno if it works but im gonna install it soon..

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4 hours ago, loneranger700 said:

Just got mine from Aliexpress. Dunno if it works but im gonna install it soon..

Wow it has taken as long a 60 days to get crap delivered from Aliexpress here on the East Coast of 🇨🇦 thats impressive!

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For those that have their fork sliders.  I'm still waiting for my T7.


What is the spacing of the bar between the aluminum sliders and the diameter of the aluminum bar.


Just curious if the MT07 or another Yamaha model fork sliders are compatible with the T7 forks.


I've got some MT07 engine accessories that will work on the T700.

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I've installed version of these guards (R&G brand) and I have to say (despite my both front guards are broken) it does it's job, there is visible damage on the guards now after the Rally as well as just usual training when I drop it often.


Can't confirm protection of the guards but I can confirm they do take the beating 😉

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