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Biker lifter for us older dogs who refuse to give in

Allen Kelly

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After a few different design ideas I have finally come up with a design that is strong enough and as compact as it can be for carrying on my T7. I have placed the 3 sections all joined together on bricks and jumped on them without any flex in the length. (I done this for my own satisfaction) For those of you who might want to have a go at making your own this is how I went about constructing mine. I constructed the base plate out of 100 x 75 x 4mm steel with a 45mm high x 25NB pipe insert. The lengths of pipe for the stem which are constructed of 20NB pipe are 230mm with an inserted length of 15NB pipe. This section is inserted into the 20NB by 100mm and welded into place leaving a 100mm extrusion for each section to slide onto.


The ratchet is connected to stand with another 200mm length of the 20NB pipe that was heated and the top section flattened to connect to the ratchet with a 50mm length of 13NB welded to it. To do this first flatten the section required to fit the ratchet you chose and removing the Bolt on the ratchet. Then connect the pipe to the ratchet at the top with a small bolt and Nilex nut, now replace the bolt removed from the ratchet with the 13NB pipe on it and weld it to the 20NB pipe.IMG_1542.jpg





My Lifters packed length is 330mm and weighs just over 3kg.  I think under most circumstances you may only need 2 of the stems. The 3rd is for those extreme situations we hope we never get into. Cheers all, Allen


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This is a great idea; however, Eastbound has their MotoWinch available. Expensive, but small and light.



Problems lifting a heavy tourer or Adventure bike? The ultralight and compact MotoWinch Motorcycle jack (4lbs/1.7kg) makes lifting your bike really easy!



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Just the thing for a BMW 1250

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I think that the MotoWinch is good, but I like the Dirt Napper a lot more. Not only does it weight 4 lbs, but it's rated to lift up to 650 lbs. The MotoWinch comes like in three sizes depending on they weight of your bike. If you look at both of them in use, the MotoWinch takes a lot more effort to crank the handle than the Dirt napper. And the Dirt Napper is made in the good O' US of A. 🇺🇸


I also prefer it over the Dustrider's Moto Hoist and the MotoBikeJack.  The Dustrider's sales for about 100 bucks more than the Dirt Napper and the MotoBikeJack for about 30 bucks more. But the later is almost 8 lbs.



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