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Decided on the Tenere 700


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Hello from Arizona (actually I am working on ship in the Bering Sea) I have been a long time Super Tenere rider. I have found my self doing mostly off road riding and the T700 is going to be perfect for me. Great information on this site. 

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Thanks Steve. 

My old Super T has been a great bike, but after all the off-road trips I did this summer, I need a bike more manageable in the rough stuff. I did some Northern parts of the Arizona Back country Discovery Route and I have been spending more time off-road than on, so it is time. I am no spring chicken at almost 60 years old and I have only been doing this ADV riding for about 4 years. All my other years (except when I was a kid and tore around on dirt bikes) of riding were on Harley's where I  putted around like I was already an old man.  Happy Trails, John

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Hi CoreCass

I will be ordering the 2021 Matte Black with the Rally seat. I plan on out fitting my T7 with all Touratech goodies like upper and lower crash bars, Evo X panniers , skid plate, ect. With my experience with Yamaha accessories on my Super T, I do not mind paying more for Quality aftermarket  accessories. I know a lot of riders that have been pleased with what they got from Touratech. I do like the look of the panniers for the T7 from Yamaha, so I may save a little money and get those.  Happy Trails, John


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I forgot to mention, the Touratech link on my last post is what I have in my Cart to outfit my new T700.  Plus I will be getting a Yoshimura slip on exhaust. I have one on my Super T and really like the sound.  John

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