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Caveat :  I ordered a "low seat" from a dealer on fleabay - Seller "Central_florida_powersports"
I will never talk smack until someone has proven themselves.   They sold low seat part #BW3-F47C0-V0-00
but they shipped me Part # BW3-F4710-00    - the exact same as my stock seat.  In correspondence - they said "well your dealer must have sold your brand new bike with a low seat kit.

I will never buy from them, and will recommend against them every time.

SO!  I have 2 seats, same part number.  Same height.   and I have a 28 inch inseam that is fine on street, but sketchy on the single track when you need to get a foot DOWN, and NOW.

SO?  I am cutting one of my seat, and will show my progress here.

First Photo - flip seat, make sure bike is turned off.
using a prick and some pliers, i loosen every staple, and remove them



Second Photo - staples after de-pricking



Third Photo - Staples and pliers



Fourth Photo - be sure to get the staples "hidden" under the flap of elastic


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after removing MOST of the staples  (I left the ones on the back of seat, because they will be VERY hard to re-staple)

flip the seat and remove the cover.   It comes off like someone's mom's pannies.  always be nice to moms - when ya'll are done - they will send you home with a juice box and some fruit roll-ups  😄


this seat laid bare --- note there is a date stamped on it -  mine is March 2020 - right as covid hits


for some reason, the forum wouldn't let me upload the snap with sharpie marks.  I draw a rough outline of where I want to cut, and what shape.   rough.  just to guide

then!   with a hacksaw blade  *yes, i have heard electric carving knives work better --   I cut away the base material.  Measure twice, cut once.  it is easy to remove more   -  it is near impossible to add back

you are not cutting the final shape - you are removing most of the mass of foam

it is messy, staticey - and gets everywhere.   vacuum , a lot.   great excuse to clean the shop



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now the fun part.   I learned this watching the MASTERS at Corbin Seats in Gilroy, CA.

You want to use an air grinder, or drill, with sanding pad or harsh scotchbrite pad.6ED7CAE7-886D-48D4-98CF-AA6584E4CB10_1_201_a.jpeg

this will allow you to GENTLY run it over the cut foam, smoothing and shaping to the pattern you want.

I found if you put a knee on the front of the seat,  and push with one hand on the back,  you can "flatten" it some, making working the foam easier

Smooth an sand the seat into the shape you want.192004AF-D2F6-48E1-BCF1-C46CD74CAEDC_1_201_a.jpeg

Again.--- lots of foam bits,  very clingey,   very messy.   I used an electric leaf blower and the air compressor to blow all this further down my driveway and out of my shop.

Wear eye protection, and probably a respirator or mask is a good plan



coming up next?   recovering

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pull the pannies back ON  (i know, no one enjoys THAT part)

smooth and stretch the cover as much as you can over the seat.
Using a good staple gun, and 6mm staples, start at the back, and work your way forward


PULL the fabric as far is as you can get it



turn the seat over, and pull more


lay the stapler as flat as you can, and whackity whack staple it back, working your way around
IF a staple is not 100% in - keep moving, come back and remove and restaple it later.


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a pal asked "Charles, why do you need a low seat mod"

I was attempting to explain my goal of T7 on singletrack - combined with my lack of inseam - and need to dab every so often

then I found a perfect video explanation
If you haven't been following MVDB Enduro?  Josh is completely bonkers Aussie who rides the T7 as it was intended

Skip to 10:02 for singletrack
I dont know if MVDBR Josh - is on these forum - but he mods and rides well!

he also apparently has longer legs than me.



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I've ordered the OEM Low Seat

I'm going to try this on the stock seat.... worst case, if i screw it up too bad, I'll order the Seat Concepts Low Comfort setup... seems like a win/win to me

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Can it be lowered AND a gel pad (or something else to make it more plush) as well? eg what happens if you take another 10mm from the seat foam? if you go through to the plastic will the foam strength be lost?

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at some point, you take out enough foam, the seat is also "wide" and uncomfy

Adding a gel insert will be thicket than all the foam

I am starting to head the "Seat Concepts" direction.  I've cut 95% the foam out, and recovered,  its low,   i dont need comfy for offroad -- but it aint low enough


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On 12/1/2020 at 3:54 AM, cstatman said:

Josh is completely bonkers Aussie who rides the T7 as it was intended

Skip to 10:02 for singletrack


A bit late to this thread, but thanks for posting the Vid.

Impressive work negotiating those tight tracks alright.  I like the bit from 20:00 on though.  I could relate to that, and relax a bit. 😶

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