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OBDII setup for T7


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Following on from @Camel ADV 's tip on OBDII for the T7, I thought it might help someone in Europe to source the components on this side of the pond. I did order the wrong one to start with but eventually got the right kit and it all works.  Links below. 

The cable plugs in directly into the diagnostic socket under the pillion seat. More data available than I know what to do with... But good fun 

I use an IPhone. Apps Auto Doctor, Car Scanner, InCarDoc. All connected fine. 

Hint for the uninitiated - connect via WiFi first... DAMHIK




Buy OTKEFDI Motorbike 4pin OBD Diagnostic CANBUS Cable for Yama ha Canbus Motorcycle Models at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.


OBDII BT device: 

Buy OBD2 Scanner WiFi Car Engine Fault Code Reader Reset Adapter for iPhone IOS Android Windows, Auto Check Clear Engine Light CAN ODB2 Diagnostic Scan Tool at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.



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4 hours ago, ADV Newbie said:

Have you tried the Torque app ?  Can you see speed, RPM, fuel level, coolant temp, odometer, etc ?

@ADV Newbie   Haven't tried Torque, I just plug my Blue Driver into the OBD2 adaptor.  Fuel level is measured directly off the fuel pump unit in the tank, and has it's own input into the dash unit.  It's not available through the CANBUS/OBD2 as far as I can tell. 

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Hello everyone,


As an addition to the @Camel ADV video I've been some tests of the different ODB2 readers (WiFi and Bluetooth) as well as apps, also looking for the Yamaha DIY cable (I just bought one in the end). I've aded some resources to the ODB readers and cables in Europe.


It may be most of you already know all what I talk about in the video but if not, good.



RTW Ténéré 700, UK to India & back on Honda CB500X

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I tried to plug in the 4 pin adapter to my 2023 but it appears the connection has changed? Does anyone know if I need a different adapter?


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