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Rear wheel hub project

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My local Yamaha dealer has told me that a Yamaha OEM rear wheel hub is available. In the UK it costs £362.81 including VAT. Part number is BW32531100. As I understand it this is the bare bones without spacers, disc, cush drive or anything. I assume it will have wheel bearings in it. I was also told that they are available ex stock from both Europe and Japan. 

My plan is to build a rear wheel with a 3.25 or similar rim and an aftermarket disc. Lots of parts on the Tenere look similar to my WR450 which is an advantage when delving into the spare parts bin. 

Also I've fitted a 140/80 x 18 Michelin Tracker enduro tyre to the standard 4.00 rim. It was easy to fit but has a slightly odd profile compared with the way a 120/80 x 18 fits the smaller rim on the WR. I think it would sit better on a narrower rim. 


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I'm also looking in to a complete extra set (if i can afford it).
It would so easy if you just could get a secound hand set of hubs, like from a scrapped T7, but insurance companies doesnt want to play part brokers LOL.
So much esier if you just could get that with disc, sprocket and abs ring and buy the rim and spokes.
But i wat to go 1.85 front and 2.5 rear, and have the possebility to install a rimlock.

Also running the tracker's, love them. But as you say the rear profile is off, not giving you optimal tracktion when leaning the bike.

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I was given a new rear hub for my xt660z and that came without bearings etc.   I was given bearing etc as part of the warranty but they were separate. Not sure it'll be cheaper to buy oem Yamaha parts when you can buy complete wheels in sizes required from aftermarket  companies like haan wheel

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