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I have one of those XP antigravity batteries for jump starts I carry when I go deep in the woods. Since my 500 EXCF has no kicker, nice piece of mind. Same with the T7, will carry it on trips just to have the ability to jump if needed. The battery comes with jumper cables you can connect, but then that is an extra sets of cables to carry and they take up some space.


I love how it says "YAMAHA Genuine Parts and Accessories" and Made in China!


The Jump start batteries have a special connector with wire that can handle the load but it has that unique connector. I have seen some SAE connectors that have the jump start connector on one side to connect to my battery and SAE on the other, but that wire is not right size for the load and you shouldn't jump start with cables that are sized like those used on most trickle chargers.

I found this solution, a Jump Start cable with a SAE connector so you can use the same wire to jump and charge! Good stuff and 1 connector off the battery will support both jumps and trickle chargers.


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