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LED Front Turn Signals


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Caveat - YES, by buying el Cheapo Cycle Gear 2 wire LED instead of 3 wire - I lost front running light capability  (i dont care)  a GOOD mechanic would buy 3 wire LEDs and maintain the front running lights

Photo of bike with stock giant signalsIMG_0276.jpeg

Remove side panel  (3 bolts, 2 plastic bolts by radiator guard)

Remove stock turn signal, leaving you with gaping hole - save stock signal backing plateIMG_0281.jpeg


Insert Yamaha Blanking Plate (i got these from eBay - I have 3 sets extra, and will mail them free, in an envelope only -  to the first 3 guys who PM me US address, then follow up with something cool)


flip panel, line up stock backing plate

insert 10mm LED signal stem and tighten

have dog check your work as quality control


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I cut the stock leads off the stock signals,  I'll never use them, and would rather have the snap-lock ease of removing sidepanels with stock connectors

I then measure twice, line up the stock harness with aftermarket, and do all the soldering, heat shrinking, and cleanup

the BLUE wire is for running lights,   i kept it in place, in case I buy spendy signals next time I knock the bike over, and need to replace signals



I cannot emphasize enough the value of some heat shrink tubing,  it cleans up the process, insulates your work from water and grime, and hides your mediocre soldering job



Reinstall the panels, plug everything in,  and


and - voila - your bike looks a bit cleaner, and you habe less to knock off when you fall over in the DURT






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