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Trouble starting in warm weather?


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Anyone else experienced their T7 being difficult to start when left in the warm sun?
This has happened consistently, the bike will start without a problem when cold, I’ll ride it for about 5 miles, park it at work (exposed to sun and around 65- 70deg) and then it takes more then a few tries to start. It takes forever to catch and fire. 


I’ve never had the tank off, I don’t see any pinched vent hoses. I did try popping off the gas cap to see if there was any pressure buildup in the tank but no obvious issues there at all. I’m stumped ! Love the bike otherwise!

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I  had the same thing happen with my bike several times this past summer. It especially seemed to happen when sitting out in the sun as you stated.  I had the same thought with the tank possibly building pressure but never noticed any”venting of pressure” when opening the tank up. Fortunately I haven’t had any issues with it as of late and like yourself, I’m stumped. On the positive side it has not left me stranded yet. Love the bike as well. Maybe this thread will lead to us solving the mystery. 
  See you on the trail.   

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I have had the same issue and just like you after sitting in the hot sun over 30 degrees C for a while I actually have to give it some throttle to get it to start. It has even happened when the bike had not been rode that day but it was sitting in 38 degree C temperature. Any one else figure it out?

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32 minutes ago, BMRT7 said:

Delete charcoal canister. 

Que? Please to explain the physics of how this would cause problem and removal would help.

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There have been reports of this condition elsewhere and removing the charcoal canister seems to solve the issue. I don't know the physics behind it but I live in south Florida and haven't had any problems with mine being removed. My bike does sit out in the sun and at high ambient temperatures if I'm in a restaurant, for example. You can read all about it here: https://www.tenere700.net/topic/3346-t7-charcoal-canister-removal/

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