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Donner Tech Rack and Grab Handles


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New rack and grab handles arrived this weekend from Motorcycle Adventure Products here in Australia (great service, thanks). First impressions are amazing quality and lightness. German CnC porn at its best.

Parts were exceptionally easy to fit and imo look sensational on the bike.


Quality - 10

Looks - 10

Functionality - handles are solid and will be great for picking up the bike. Rack is small, if you want to carry lots back there I think you will need to add a plate. 

Value - Cant answer that for you. There are other good racks available that are cheaper. Second choice would have been the BnB small rack.


Photo on the bike from a short ride with a mate yesterday.


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On 12/18/2020 at 10:26 AM, Marc said:

That is a thing of beauty! Congratulations 

No, beauty is not even close. Finally made it home to see mine in the flesh. That is what the term OMG was invented for. Frame it and hang it on the wall and people will stop and admire it! And the fit is just amazing. The way they slot into the handles and the slots for fasteners line up! Drool!

But, and it is a big BUT. PaulCave mentions that it is small. I would say it is tiny. The sloping sides make it a bit useless as a carrier. Protection for the fender at most. I intended to use it in combination with the Yamaha seat rack. But, no joy. It will not fit with the Donner rack in place. At least not modified, certainly not going to modify the Donner Rack. I have informed Donner of the fact and the got back to me instantly for pictures so they can mention it on their shop site. These guys really seem to care.

I will keep it anyway.




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I also fitted this kit containing the grab handles and the rear luggage rack. It was a 10 minute mount.

The fit is perfect and the quality is amazing. This is what to expect, and this is what you receive for the money. Yes, it's not cheap... 😞 


I tried it with several bags from Enduristan and works as expected.







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