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Jerry can mounted to B&B rear rack


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I recently switched to a B&B Offroad rear rack, I wanted to have the ability to carry extra fuel. So I looked at attachment of my ebay ropax style jerry can. As the rack is very close to the rear plastic it makes it difficult to install/remove the attachment to the rack  without removing the rack if one were to drill 4 attachment holes. I could have drill and tapped M5 but I am using the Kreiga OS base and the  attachments would have prevented the can from sitting level.

I made an adapter plate from 8mm thick HDPE plastic 80mm round with counter sunk bolts drilled and tapped M5 to attach the can holder. I used the M8 hole 2 on the rack to attach  and also the 8mm (hole 1) at the  rear of the rack with a nut accessible from the rear for strongattachment. Hole 3 has a bolt which is just for location with a M8 bolt tapped into the adapter. (The  holes are 20mm between centres.)

You are able to access the centre hole through the holder to tighten via the existing tapped hole for the T bolt.  But you will need to drill a second hole in the holder to access the rear cap head bolt to tighten the nut. Both the front and rear bolts require the heads reduced in diameter to fit in with holder. I used a lathe but a grinder will  work. 

I used plastic which I machined in my lathe but you could use a 80mm hole saw to cut out of any suitable material 8mm thick. It really doesn't have to be round. 




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