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I installed the original Yamaha Top Rack/Rear Rack on my Ténéré 700 a while ago.




The rack might seem large, because of the two handles, one per side, but it is super useful when moving the bike around, placing the bike on the center stand, or for, its intended purpose, fastening luggage! 🙂 In other words, the chance of dropping the bike while moving it around drops substantially because of the very positive grip on the rack! 


I have learned, the hard way, that accessories for the Ténéré 700 is made to very different quality standards. On multiple accessories I had to buy new bolts, because the included bolts could not be torqued to the specs., the bolts were to soft, or I had to change the bolts from Allen type to flanged bolts because it makes the installation, better, cleaner and easier, and I will have to bring out cutting and welding tools on a set of upper crash bars made in Germany, to make them fit correctly... WTF!


Cutting tools have been used on other parts too, also made in Germany... I have nothing against Germany, (when my mom needed a new car a while ago and asked for advice, I recommended the MK 7.2 Golf GTE, and she Loves it! Very, Very well made!) but I had hoped for Teutonic standards from the German made Ténéré 700 accessories, not missing standards!


With all the original Yamaha parts, everything is very well thought out, everything fits, all the bolts are the best suited for the application, etc. The Yamaha parts are made to a different, higher standard than most aftermarket accessories.


The Yamaha Top Rack/Rear Rack has tabs on it in order to fit a top case. The original top case for the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is made by Givi (all the different Givi parts I have purchased have been of top notch quality!) The tabs can be removed if you want a flat rack, but I choose to fit a Givi Trekker top case. An aluminum case that is very easy to attach/detach. I am not a big fan of top cases, but they absolutely have their benefits on long trips!



Rear Carrier.jpg


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