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Touratech Upper Crash Bars


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I installed the Touratech Upper Crash Bars a while ago, to both serve as a mounting point for auxiliary lights and to protect the bike.






I had expected a little higher quality from Touratech.  On the right hand of the bike, the secondary tube is right in front of one of the bolts, so you have to use a T30 bit with an adjustable wrench in order to loosen/fasten the bolt. Also this tube is six degrees of the Ténéré logo, a little irritating.  Yes, I actually measured the discrepancy by taking a picture and dragging the picture into AutoCAD... Nuts! 🙂


After studying the sloppiness of the kit I think Touratech bend the secondary tubes by hand instead of  using a jig, and then weld these secondary tubes by what feels Good Enough, instead of using another jig. The reason for the differences between the sides. I contacted Touratech USA, but the customer service was as sloppy as the kit! I'm laughing and shaking my head...


I might end up by cutting the secondary tube off, then reweld  the bar in the correct location, then repaint... Every time I have to remove the side panel, the low quality annoys me more and more!


I like the bars, and bought them instead of the original Yamaha crash bars because the Touratech looked like they followed the lines of the bike better and did not cover up the T7/Ténéré 700 logo.


I also changed the bolts fastening the the bars to side of the frame from Allen bolts to flanged bolts. This makes installation easier so you only have to remove the painted panels, not two more panels in order to get to the bolts. The bolts located on top of the bar, fastening a bracket to the frame below the headlight, are also Allen bolts, but should have been hex bolts. I might change these later.


The instructions are not the best either, and that is probably why you have to download them yourself instead of the instructions being included in the kit! 🙂 But it is not that hard to figure it out.


I have come to understand that part of having a bike like this is that if we want to make the bike look and function just as we dream it to be, a little cutting, welding, painting and wrenching is part of the adventure! 🙂 

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with these bars.  I've been interested in these as they seemed to offer a good mix of protection while not being too bulky.  

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I have these bars as well and I am quite happy with them. My counterpoint being, I have no issue with them at all. To each their own.

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I have these bars too.

Top quality 

great look.


no problem whatsoever!

can recommend them!

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2 hours ago, Evntyrsykkel said:

Anybody know how good the fitment of kriega OS-12 bags are on the crashbars?

The OS-12’s will fit these touratech bars but it’s not the best. The OS-6 are a far better fit up front.

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Strange question but.. I have the touratech lower bars.. and want to find a cheaper or second hand set of upper bars to go with them... does anyone know what brands of uppers would be compatible? Thanks 

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