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European bikes turn indicator connector only 2 wires? where to tap in for DRL?


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I noticed the front indicator connectors on my European bike have only two wires connected to them.

I am trying to install aftermarket LED blinkers with DRL function. Where can I tap in the third wire to get current for my DRLs?


Also, the rear LEDs have a brake light function. I presume I can tap in to the positive cable of the brake light to connect the LED's third wire?




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The front leds could be connected to the power outlet found under both side fairings.

Thought of doing this myself this winter but I got lazy and moved the protect to next winter.

Please let us know how this works out.

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In the end i replaced the 2-pins AUX connectors on both sides with aftermarket ones.

I soldered an extra wire on the female connector which I can connect to the third blinker wire.

That way I can still easily disconnect this third wire when removing the side panels.

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