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I've been riding on cool and/or rainy days with a set of MoskoMoto Rak Pullover and Rak Overpants and I've been impressed.  Waterproof and blocks wind for cool riding and sized to fit over a mesh riding jacket or a jersey with armor   and riding pants.  Very well constructed and roll up to fit in a pannier bag easily.  NOT CHEAP , but the best gear never is and they periodically run sales if you're on the email list.  Also you can get a nice discount if you are a Bronze contributor or higher to the BDR.  Not affiliated, just passing it along for others looking for  packable rainwear.  



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I recently picked up a Basilisk Jacket and Pant to go along with my reckless 80.  These things are bomb proof, very happy with my purchase and my upcoming adventures.

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Yup got the Basilisk jacket and pants on sale Black Friday...Haven't used it yet but I am sure it will work great. I have so much MM stuff on my bike I am a rolling billboard. They should pay  me for advertising...

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I used the fubalisk jacket for cross country skiing this winter.  I’ve used it for three cold weather dirt bike rides this last month.


I got the woodsman in the boots pants and I love them.  I’ve skiid in them, dirt biked in them, gone shooting in them, and even ended my days in the pub in them.  They would need an overpant in any wet weather.

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I purchased the Rak over pants when the black Friday sale was happening. I absolutely love them! I use kevlar longjohns underneath, I find it very unrestricted with ease of movement. Not cheap but awesome quality product. 

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how does the Rak do in rain since it doesnt have a hood? is it tight enough and long enough under the helmet to not get water down your back?

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