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1 Day brake pads: about pads, checking rear brake system & fix


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Hello everyone,


It has been some time I have posted on the forum and I think this one could be useful to people.


I've been doing awful lot of off-road in grim conditions of snow, water, mud and mainly sand. In those conditions I basically rode for weeks in a sand paste which as you can imagine is quite aggressive to many parts but especially the brake pads & chain.

One day I changed my rear brake pads and went on for the training only to find in the evening that my brand new brake pads are now completely gone. I went on diagnosing it, looking for reason why that could be apart from the aggressive environment, ask around and got suggestions of all things which can go wrong...


In the end I found that my brake lever has been ever so slightly sticking which most likely contributed to the excessive wear on top of the sand paste.


So this is the story (video has chapters so you can jump to relevant sections):



RTW Ténéré 700, UK to India & back on Honda CB500X

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Thanks for the video.


I decided to remove and grease the brake and shifter pivot on my brand new bike partly because of your video.  Bone dry with no grease at all. I Posted the pics in another thread.  


I will probably see if I can add a second return spring to the existing setup to help mitigate this issue.




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Yeah I did the same this weekend. Stripped, cleaned and greased because the brake lever wouldn't go back to top (just a bit short) when you released it. All good now.

The end of the spring that creates the tension sits in a small hole inside the alloy frame bracket that the footpeg is mounted to. So I bent that tang on the end of the spring to create a little extra tension. 

Thanks for the heads-up.

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