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Stock seat comfort mod

Tom McDonough

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I modified my stock seat. . . much more comfortable.
Removed 1/2” of the firm foam, replaced it with soft gel foam from a yoga mat (w/3” cutout) to remove stress from your tail bone.
The yoga mat padding I used was 7” wide X 8” long with 3” cut-out.
You can experiment with different sizes (without re-stapling the cover) until you find the best size etc.
You can remove the rear seat pan pads to lower the seat a bit.



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2021 White T7, 2019 MT-7, 2021 CRF300 Rally, ‘14 V-Strom 1000 Adventure

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I decided to remove the blue cut-out pad, trim a bit more out of the center, and add my sheepskin . . . I am good to go now.  It actually felt softer than stock by trimming 1/2” from the underside.  The thinner cushion was softer.  

I liked the extra leg room . . . but, can’t beat a sheepskin pad on top fir comfort.  It is hot in GA during the summer.

If I am riding off road and want the lower seating . . . just pull the sheepskin.




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2021 White T7, 2019 MT-7, 2021 CRF300 Rally, ‘14 V-Strom 1000 Adventure

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thx for the tips I will need to do something I have the rally seat as well as the stock I found the rally to be too tall so have been using the stock and my tail bone starts to ache after a bit of riding , I may just have to put more seat time in to callous up haha but I like the direction you went I am already down 500 bones for a seat I won't use and don't want to travel down that rabbit hole much farther haha

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