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Bell MX-9 ADV Review


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I’m not even posting a link or a Pic of the Helmet. I’m calling Revzilla in the AM to see if I can return it.


 I usually like Bell Helmets. My RS2 fits me like a glove and has some high end features that I really like.


The MX-9 ADV tries , but fails. It’s loud, really loud. But I could live with ear plugs if I had too. 

Fit is loose , even though it’s the same size as my RS2. 

no magnetic chin strap catch, I guess I got spoiled by my RS2.


but the killer for me is the completely worthless sun visor that sits too high up to do anything. Unlike a dirt bike helmet visor , this thing sits too high up on the helmet to block sun, can’t look down like normal and get any relief from the sun at all? WTF is it supposed to do? Make you look like a dirt biker ?


Bell, ya lost me on this one. The only reason why I bought an ADV helmet is so I could have a proper sun visor when off road . FAIL. 

I’m leaning hard to the XD-4 by Arai. But I don’t think they make a Photo Chromatic shield for that yet.

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Thanks for sharing. I was considering the Bell as a potential next helmet. Guess I'll strike it off the list.

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I tried on the MX9 in a shop after trying the Arai and Shoei ADV helmet offerings, and it was immediately apparent Bell wasn’t in the same league.  

The XD-4 is pretty amazing with how many things it does right.  The Hornet X2 actually fits my head slightly better (as does Shoei for me generally) but it’s so heavy I couldn’t commit.   I now have an XD4 for more dirt oriented days and a new RF1400 for street. 

If Shoei ever manages to lighten the Hornet without giving up anything else then I’ll likely get one at some point.  The peak is a tough weight penalty to get around.  The XD-4 peak has less structure/weight but works perfectly. 

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I currently have the Bell MX-9 right now.  In that $200 market i couldn't find anything i liked better.  When i can upgrade to a $300-$400 helmet I’m sure I’ll like some of the other suggestions better and i look forward to that. I ended up getting the helmet and purchased another set of larger cheek pads to accommodate some different options like a face mask for fall riding. 


One thing though, while i haven't had any issues with where the visor placement is, the visor itself is crap. Thats my only complaint. It’s made of Swiss cheese and will deform all over the place in a  light wind. It hasn’t broken but I’m just waiting for it to do so...



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Thanks for the reviews folks.  Looking for a new helmet and now have perspective on the MX-9 and the Hornet X2 that I was unaware of.

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The MX-9 visor is adjustable a bit and will serve to block the sun, I have one and it works well.

The ADV version visor is worthless, I have the adjustable darkness lens and used tape to black off the top inch of the lens to serve as a sunblock when riding into the sunset.

I removed the visor as it serves no purpose other than to catch wind.

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